DeST participation results in Task 1 (NER) of ChEMU – 3rd position achieved

ChEMU consists of information extraction tasks over chemical reactions described in patents ( The goal of the task 1 (NER) was to identify chemical compounds and other entities involved in chemical reactions (like time, temperature, yield) in patents text and to assign a type to each entity according to its role in the context of the reaction.
The model developed by the DeST team (lasige_BioTM) outperformed the baseline model and was the third best result:

Exact evaluation

  Precision Recall F1-Score
Baseline 0.9071 0.9071 0.8893
DeST 0.9327 0.9457 0.9392

Relaxed evaluation

  Precision Recall F1-Score
Baseline 0.9208 0.9504 0.9354
DeST 0.9583 0.9960 0.9768